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The death of a loved one may come quickly and unexpectedly. After that happens we ask ourselves what is necessary to bid a dignified and solemn farewell from that person.

What to do if your loved one dies?

With the representative of the funeral home you will make arrangements about the funeral (classic funeral or an urn funeral) and other services. The representative of the company prepares a power of attorney by virtue of which you authorize the Funeral home Babajić Ltd. to settle all legal matters and other matters regarding transportation and burial of the deceased. If the family decides to bury the deceased in one of the EU countries it is necessary to provide a transit permit by the Slovenian authorities, for non-EU countries it is also necessary to provide other transit permits (depending on the country where the funeral will take place as well as the countries of transit).

The representative of the company will provide you with advice, relieve you of any additional duties, promptly deal with all the formalities and will be at your disposal 24 hours a day to meet all your demands.

Our mission is to organize a dignified funeral for the deceased member of your family in accordance with your and their wishes.

What documents are necessary for arranging funeral, transportation or cremation?

  • Identification documents of the deceased (ID-card, passport)
  • Passport is necessary for transportation abroad (for destinations not within the EU)
  • Certificate of urn burial (issued by the manager of the cemetery where the urn will be buried)
  • Medical certificate of the cause of death (certificate on coroners' examination) in case of death at home
  • Picture (if you wish to have obituaries or for adaptation of the photography for a classic funeral or funeral with an urn)
  • Clothes – suit
  • Power of attorney (in Croatia certified by a notary public, in Slovenia the signature suffices)

What to do in case of death at home?

In case of death at home it is necessary to first notify the authorized coroner who then conducts an examination of the deceased person who needs to be prepared for that. This needs to be done within 12 hours, although the coroners try to conduct it within 6-8 hours. Coroners issues the medical certificate of the cause of death right away.

After obtaining this certificate you should contact Funeral home Babajić and we will come and transport the person to coffin accomodation room (or pathology – if autopsy is required).

While waiting for the coroner to come, the family may dress the person or if they wish, wait for the funeral parlour to do that.

What is grave exhumation?

Grave exumation is a digging up of a buried body. Usually remains are exhumed in order to be reinterred at a more appropriate location. For example: the deceased was burried in foreign country and funeral home provides the exhumation, so the deceased can be burried in birth or any other country.

More about grave exhumation.

Is it possible repatriation by plane?

Funeral home Babajić provide transport all around the world. We have experience in long distance transportations and transportation by aeroplane.

More about international repatriation.

What are the expenses for repatriation abroad?

The costs for the international deceased transportation depends on type of transport (airplane, funeral car), destination and tipe of funeral equipment. For exact amount of costs we recommend you to read more about international repatriation or fill out the form below.

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