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Scattering ashes (funeral at sea)

Funeral home Babajić Ltd. in cooperation with the funeral service of the public communal company manages and arranges the scattering of ashes of the deceased person into the sea. After talking to and arranging the funeral with the family of the deceased we prepare a written request for the ceremony of scattering ashes into the sea as well as handle all the necessary formalities for the ceremony.

For acquiring all necessary licenses we need about five days. Only 20 to 30 people may attend this ceremony. Should the weather be windy, carrying out the ceremony of the funeral at sea is impossible. Thus, the scattering is rescheduled for the following day or for some other day in agreement with the family of the deceased.

One day prior to the ceremony we are in contact with the family of the deceased and the boatman who will, after checking the weather forecast, either confirm or postpone the ceremony.

Scattering ashes into the sea


Scattering ashes


Scattering ashes

Scattering of ashes into the sea:

  • entrance of the undertaker and the family of the deceased with the urn and wreath onto the ship,
  • navigation to the place for scattering,
  • sounding of the boat bell (three times),
  • farewell address,
  • scattering of ashes into the sea,
  • sounding of the siren (three times),
  • return to the starting point.

Upon the wish of the family it is possible to include a priest, a speaker, a trumpeter and singers in the protocol.

After arranging the ceremony, the client can organize a small feast on the way back.

After the scattering had been conducted the family will as a memento receive a written document with the coordinates for the spot where the ashes had been scattered.

Scattering ashes on some other, arbitrary place

The grieving that wish to bid farewell to their loved ones outside of a cemetery need to have a license issued by the municipal administration. Namely, the family of the deceased needs to hand in a written request with personal date of the deceased, whereas all other permits are obtained by our company, which takes around 5 working days. After all necessary documentation had been obtained and the permit had been issued, the scattering of the ashes takes place in 30 days at least.

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