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International repatriation

Confronting the death of a relative or close friend is never easy or painless. It is, however, exceptionally distressing when death occurs abroad, far from one's homeland. We are well aware of the specifics such situations bring; therefore, we have specialised our services in international repatriation of the deceased and human remains.

The repatriation services we provide:

  • Acquiring key documents and necessary permits,
  • Obtaining funeral equipment necessary for the repatriation of the deceased to a desired destination,
  • Arranging the quickest and most cost effective repatriation,
  • Transporting the deceased or human remains from and to any country in the world by road or plane,
  • Embalming,
  • Translation of all documents.


Furthermore, we offer immediate assistance and counselling for the family of the deceased. More specifically, we:

  • Inform customers of the costs that have been incurred in the country, in which death occurred,
  • Deliver deceased's personal belongings,
  • In case of death in suspicious circumstances, we continuously inform our customers about ongoing investigations and legal requirements of the country, in which death occurred.

Allow us to help you carry the burden of complicated administrative procedures, and ensure that your loved ones receive a dignified final journey.


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