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Funeral home Babajic Ltd. has since its creation been providing unparalleled and flawless road and air repatriations from and to every corner of the world. Mainly, however, we have been engaged in repatriations of deceased and human remains throughout the Balkans. This made us repatriation experts in the geographical area covering Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia, as well as Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania.

We have cooperated with countless diplomatic and consular representatives, international assistances, funeral homes, flight and travel agencies, and insurance companies from around the world.

Regardless of the situation, location or destination, we are here to be your trusted ally and partner 24/7.

We offer a complete worldwide repatriation service, including collecting the deceased from a mortuary, their preparation for transport, obtaining all necessary equipment and required documentation, embalming, and booking of the most cost effective flight. Throughout the process we provide multilingual support and special family assistance.


Bled, Slovenia Sveti Stefan, Montenegro Pula, Croatia Miracoli, Germany Gloriette, Austria Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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