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Mednarodni prevoz pokojnika - Pogrebne storitve Babajič

Allow us to help you carry the burden of complicated administrative procedures, and ensure that your loved ones receive a dignified final journey.

The transience of life is the way to eternity

Funeral services

For many years, we have been providing assistance when family members or friends died while travelling, working or living abroad. We have been helping families get through difficult times by ensuring the fastest and most cost efficient repatriation of their relatives from all corners of the globe.
Direktor podjetja, Jasmina Babajic - Pogrebne storitve Babajič

How we can help

Balkan repatriation Babajic has extensive experience in arranging repatriation worldwide.

Our wide offer of funeral arrangements for a classic funeral or a funeral with an urn.

Exhumation is the digging up of a buried body. It is needed when the family of the deceased wants the body and its remains to be relocated to a more appropriate location.

We arrange body cremation and urn repatriation by flight or road to any country. 

Balkan repatriation Babajic  in cooperation with the funeral service of the public communal company arranges ashes schattering on the sea or somewhere else.

Zahvale svojcev - Pogrebne storitve Babajič

Allow us to be your trusted partner by providing reliable international repatriation services throughout the Balkans. We assist local and international funeral companies, and provide multilingual and full administrative support, first class attention as well as time and cost efficient repatriation.

Family tradition

About Balkan Repatriation Babajic Ltd.

Our company is a leader in international repatriation on our soil. Our experiences and global network of funeral partners allows us to help the families and companies that trust us, no matter where the death occurred.

Our specialized and multilingual team takes care of offering you the best service and helping you in the most agile and careful way possible.

Opinions of relatives

*We are members of EFFS (European Federation of Funeral Services) and FIAT/IFTA (World Organization of Funeral Operatives).


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