Grave exhumation
or removal of the deceased person

Exhumation is the digging up of a buried body. It is needed when the family of the deceased wants the body and its remains to be relocated to a more appropriate location.
Funeral home Babajić performs the exhumation of the deceased person at the request of close family members and the administrative unit, where the cemetery is located. Our funeral home makes a claim for exhumation at the appropriate administrative unit. If the claim is approved, an official note is released. The presence of the health inspector at the process of the exhumation is obligatory. After the exhumation, the repatriation is organized.
Ekshumacija, izkop pokojnika - Pogrebne storitve Babajič

Grave exhumation or removal of the deceased person is allowed under the following circumstances:

  • remains of the deceased person may be exhumed in order to be placed at a more appropriate location;
  • if the deceased person died in suspicious circumstances, the body can be removed from the grave for police investigation;
  • the grave can be exhumed if the cemetery is relocated;
  • if it enables archaeologists and historians to search the remains a better understanding of human history;
  • if it enables construction agencies to clear the way for new constructions.


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